Yield App Broadens Asset Listings and Expands Earnings Opportunities

“Wealth Platform Yield App Expands Listings, Welcoming New Assets such as $XRP, Polygon ($MATIC), Chainlink ($LINK), and Solana”

The recent announcement from Yield App underscores the platform’s dedication to providing users with enhanced opportunities to grow their wealth.

Yield App’s primary offering, the “Earn” product, empowers users to earn interest on their deposited digital assets. Users can earn interest of up up to 5% on their holdings. The platform’s versatility is further highlighted by its ability to facilitate seamless asset swaps of up to $10,000 between various digital assets.

Yield App introduces two distinct ways for users to maximize their earnings: the Flexible earnings program and the Earn+ program. These options are designed to accommodate various investment preferences and risk profiles, offering users the freedom to choose the strategy that aligns best with their financial goals.

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In an effort to incentivize users, Yield App has introduced a tiered membership system, ranging from Bronze to Diamond. Users’ membership levels are determined by the quantity of YLD tokens they hold, with YLD being the native token of the Yield App platform. Interest rates on the platform vary depending on the user’s membership level, with potential earnings ranging from 0.25% for Bronze members using the Flexible deposit to 5% for Diamond members participating in the Earn+ deposit program.

Impressively, the platform’s services are accessible in over 140 jurisdictions, boasting a user base of over 90,000 individuals. Yield App has processed more than $2 billion in transactions over the past two years, establishing itself as a trusted platform in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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The platform takes pride in generating alpha through market-neutral strategies and liquidity provision, focusing on yield generation while excluding collateralized lending.

Notably, some of the newly listed digital assets have witnessed significant price increases. For instance, XRP has surged by over 7% in the past week, trading at $0.53. Solana has experienced a remarkable 27.7% increase, with its price hovering around $30. Polkadot has also seen positive growth, up 6% during the same period.

However, it’s important to mention that not all of these altcoins have outperformed Bitcoin in the past week, as the flagship cryptocurrency itself experienced a 10% price increase, now trading at $30,600.

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